Thursday, April 3, 2008

In The Forest by La-D-Da

Now that I am caught up on The Red Thread, I wanted to start another design. I picked In The Forest by La-D-Da.

I don't know why but this one just tickles me! He reminds me of "Harvey", one of my favorite movies, (and rabbits)!

I am not doing the one on the cover. In my opinion, they put the wrong one on the cover.

The better design is on the back with both rabbits in the same picture.

I think this one is much better with the rabbits together.

This is my progress so far...

He looks like a kangaroo here!

The linen is 35 count Blackbird from R & R Reproductions.

I decided on DMC. I had considered using silk from Hand Dyed Fibers. They have a package put together for this design, but the colors seemed too dark for the dark fabric I am using. Also, I think this type of folky design is better suited to the cotton.

It has been a little hard though. I am using two strands of DMC. The holes are very small in 35 count. I have done a lot of work on 35-36 count linen, but this is the first time I have used the dark color with this fine a count. I have noticed it is a bit fatiguing, and my progress is much slower.


Rowyn said...

Hi Erica, just found your blog. Great start on In the Forest. You have some lovely stitching. :-)

Stitchingranny said...

Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments. Through your visit I have found you and will add you to bloglines so I may visit again. You are two lovely works in progress and I do agree the rabbits look far nicer stood together than individually.

Erica said...

Hi Roywn, Many thanks for your comments. I am so glad you have found my blog!
I have also found your blog. I think you are doing a wonderful job with it!

Erica said...

Hello stitchinggranny!
Thanks so much for your kind words. I enjoy your blog very much!