Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back to Illuminated House Blessing ...

I took a quick picture of my progress yesterday. I have made a bit more progress since, but it is a slow go with all the back-stitching!

The verse is:

St Francis and
St Benedicht
Bless This House
from wicked wight.
Keep it from all evil
Spiretes, Fairies, wezles,
Bats, and, Ferrytes.

Oh my! I sure don't want those things about! I have enough trouble with the cats!
I guess I better finish it up soon!


Stitchingranny said...

The wezles, bats and ferrytes I can cope with its the squirrels digging up my plants that are bothering me. Do you thing St F and St B can protect me from them?

Erica said...

"Do you thing St F and St B can protect me from them"?
Well it sounds like they have some powerful mojo going for them! I would think some squirrels wouldn't be too difficult!

Lisa said...

Lots of detailed stitching there, Erica, and lots of patience on your part! Looks great. :-)