Friday, March 1, 2013

The Harriot Boardman Sampler is finished!


I tried to follow the pattern of the flowers and the grass as closely as I could, but there were a few places where the hilly grass seemed to get away from me! Oh well! I am pretending the wind was blowing it!

Generally I am pleased with how she turned out.

I did have a hard time taking a photo!
Why is it, as soon as you lay something out to take a picture, this happens!

Not just one of them, but two of them had to get into the action!

Ollie scooted off, but Furry was not about to leave!


The Harriot Boardman Sampler - The Scarlet Letter
Stitched with DMC on Green linen

I really enjoyed stitching this one, and I loved the special green/blue linen!

For my next project, I picked the Mary Hart Sampler.

Here is a better look:

I am a cat lover, and simply cannot resist a sampler with a cat on it!

Mary is from the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. CA.

The colors on the cat are truly weird but it is suggested that perhaps exposure to ultra violet light over the years has changed the original color of the dyes.
The verse is quite morbid, and a second verse is given for those who want to change it.
No problem for me! I love the morbid ones!

This is the verse:
This little Piece my Friends may have,
When I am dead and in my Grave
When greedy Worms shall feed on me.
My name hereunder you may see
Ha! Love it!

I am going to stitch it on 32 count linen in Antique White, using Au ver a soie, my favorite silk. Luckily for me, I had all the necessary colors.
(Notice the furry foot at the top of the page ? - Different day, same Furrytail foot)!
On the home front, Walter, our reluctant rooster has been growing like a weed! The problem is, he doesn't know he is big. He is quite a bit taller than the hens now, but still hasn't filled out. He is a little older than 3 months now, and is at that awkward adolescent stage. He is still terrified of the hens and keeps well clear of them.
We were looking to replace our hens that were killed by the hawks, and we decided to try to hatch our own.
We love our Gertie's blue-green eggs, so we ordered some Ameraucana eggs. We also ordered some of the dark brown, Black Copper Maran eggs.
Here they are in the incubator:
We have been told to expect 50% to hatch at best. I am hoping we will get lucky with the odds and get more hens than roosters! We also have 6 more eggs on their way. That will give us 20 eggs. If 10 hatch, hopefully we will get 5 or more hens!
Time will tell.
Our first hatch date is March 18th!
I will keep you posted.


Margaret said...

Ok, I already said it on the SL blog, but I love your Harriot finish!!! Get those cats off of her. lolol! I have the same problem. I just walked into the bedroom to find Mia on my stitching -- same thing. Cats.

Love your next choice too -- I have Mary Hart on my SL wish list, which is a mile long. I have to prioritize here. Seeing your Mary, I bet she will go way up on the list! Love the colors!

Good luck with the egg hatching. I hope you get lots of hens. Poor Walter. I wonder when he will realize that he's bigger than those mean hens. lol!

Krista said...

Harriet is wonderful!! and the kitties too!! :)

Laurie in Iowa said...

Congrats on finishing Harriot... she looks fabulous. I love your choice for your new start.

Barb said...

Sampler is lovely, Cats very cute , and the blue eggs pretty!

Emma/Itzy said...

Well done your finish!

Can't wait to see how the hatching goes, out of curiosity how long do hens live for?

cucki said...

Sampler is lovely,..
So cute cat..
Love x

Giovanna said...

Congrats on the lovely finish!

Sharon said...

Beautiful sampler finish and your cats are lovely too!

Nicola said...

Cats are such funny things and they love to be in on the action.

Harriot is a finish to be very proud of and I loved your deer and grass knowle.

Have fun with the eggs it is wonderful to see those little chicks hatching. I didn't know you could order the eggs. How do they get sent?

Susan said...

Great finish. The blue fabric was the perfect fabric to show off Furry's colors! Cats - just have to love them. Speaking of which, the cat on Mary Hart is wonderful. We hatched out chicks at work on year (okay one of the guys brought in his granddaughter's project over spring break). It was rather fun and we had 9 of 11 hatch out.

Julie said...

Your furry helpers are very cute, they obviously approve of your superb project.

Love the little poem, this ones gong to be beautiful.

Good luck with the first hatching.

Carmen said...

the Harriot look great, the cats too.

Karoline said...

Harriot is gorgeous, congratulations

Typical cats!

Good luck with the incubating